Preston bus station clocks
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The bus station in Preston, Lancashire was built in the late 1960’s. The designer was Keith Ingham.

Preston bus station- Guild Hall exit

Preston bus station- Guild Hall exit

Local residents are currently discussing how to protect the building following a number of requests over recent years to develop the site.

A website has also been launched dedicated to the preservation of bus station memories and to act as a focal point for the campaign to save Preston’s bus station from demolition.

The clocks appear to have a Swiss style and unusually have an analogue face above a digital clock.

The story, if this is to be believed, is that this was to accommodate the recently introduced decimal 24 hr time system whilst also providing the familiar analogue clock.

Preston Bus Station clock at the town centre exit

Preston Bus Station clock at the town centre exit

The simple black on white analogue clocks also allowed them to be read from some distance, ideal for a busy waiting area.

Reports suggest that when the structure was built it was the largest of it’s kind in the world.

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