Northern Goldsmiths clock
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This Northern Goldsmiths clock is one of a pair of clocks in Newcastle, England.

This one is on the corner of Blackett Street and Pilgrim Street. The other is on the junction of Clayton Street and Westgate Road.

Northern Goldsmiths clock - Newcastle

Northern Goldsmiths clock - Newcastle

Chiming on the quarter this clock is a popular meeting place and local icon.  It features the Rolex brand name on the white face.

Both clocks feature outside branches of Northern Goldsmiths.

The square clock topped with a female figure representing Venus, designed by Alfred Glover, was added to the building in 1935.

The red domed roof of the building houses a peal of bells which were once linked to the clock. The clock cost around £700 and operates on a synchronome electrical impulse system.

The carillion of bells was installed in 1935. The 7th bell is engraved with the names of the directors Crossley, Cooke and A.J. Pettinger.

There are three different chimes – Westminster, Whittington and Guildford, which were changed weekly. Guildford Cathedral has the same set of chimes

Northern Goldsmiths opened their first showroom in Newcastle during 1778.  They have received three Royal Warrants.

The FA Cup and Rugby League Trophy were made by Northern Goldsmiths and they were the UK’s first appointed stockist of Rolex watches.

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