Workington ‘Camera Obscura’
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A most unusual timepiece is to be found in the West Cumbrian town of Workington.

The clock was designed by Andy Plant with sound recordings by Matt Wand.  It is called ‘Lookout’.

Based on a ‘camera obscura’ it tells the time with a rotating minute hand.  The minutes are shown marked in the pavement beneath.

Workington ' Camera Obscura' Clock

Workington ' Camera Obscura' Clock

On the hour the clocks telescopic minute hand rises into the air to give a 360 degree view of the surroundings using a camera mounted in the arm.

Viewing windows are available in the main ball part of the clock to see the images from the camera.

Curved seating surrounding the clock incorporates speakers that emit locally produced sounds every half hour.

The recordings use voices from interviews with local people set to music specially performed by Matt himself, Stainburn Steel Band and Dearham Brass Band.

The installation was funded by the Northwest Development Agency, S. Harrison Developments Ltd and Allerdale Borough Council.

The clock was officially switched on by the Mayor of Allerdale on Saturday 1 July 2006.