Moot Hall clock, Keswick
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The Moot Hall clock was manufactured by Richard Young of Newcastle in the early nineteenth century and is an example of a chair frame, hour striking clock of its period.

Unusually the clock has only one hand, marking only the hours.

The Moot Hall in Keswick

The Moot Hall in Keswick

Positioned high on the Moot Hall in Keswick, Cumbria the clock has recently, 2007, undergone restoration and renovation.

Allerdale Borough Council, owner of the Moot Hall, contracted The Cumbria Clock Company of Dacre to undertake the work on the tower clock.

The clock movement had become contaminated with dust and dirt causing considerable wear to the bushels, wheels and pinions.

The wooden pendulum support required strengthening and a new suspension spring fitted.

Two new weight lines were fitted and the pulleys overhauled.

The clock was re- installed with automatic winding.

The Moot Hall, Keswick

The Moot Hall was built in 1813.

It has served various functions – from court house to prison to fruit market but is now home to the tourist office and an art gallery.

The Moot Hall is Grade 2 listed.