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Ulverston railway station clock
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Ulverston railway station clock

Ulverston railway station clock

Looking up the approach to Ulverston railway station is the clock featured here.

Ulverston is a market town in south Cumbria.

Built around 1873 Ulverston station was a main station on the Furness line.

  • Anonymous

    Restored by myself in 1997 being cleaned and overhauled once again Sept 2010 following damage caused by a leaking tower roof the clock was made by JB Joyce of Whitchurch in 1902 – several years after the station opened.
    It has an eight day movement, gravity escapement with hour strike (bell scrapped in the 1950s) and still hand wound by myself weekly.
    Plans are afoot to reglaze the three 6 foot diameter dials which at present are a mixture of the original milk glass and acrylic.
    I look after a number of the public clocks in the area and have run an antique clock restoration business in the town for the last 20 odd years