Carnforth Railway Station Clock
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Possibly one of the most famous clocks in the UK apart of the clock on the Houses of Parliament is this clock at Carnforth Railway Station.

Carnforth Railway Station clock

Carnforth Railway Station clock

The clock is marked “Joyce Whitchurch”, who were probably the suppliers of the clock.

Filming for the film ‘ Brief Encounter’ took place during February 1945. It was directed by David Lean and starred Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson.

The  film which was based on a half-hour stage play written by Noel Coward called ‘Still Life’.

Although on the West Coast Main Line Inter-city trains do not stop here.

The Carnforth Station and Railway Trust Company Ltd is a registered charity and was created by a group of local people to save and renovate the historically interesting buildings at Carnforth station. it was formed in 1996.

The clock is hand wound every week

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