Sundial on Leonard Cheshire Home, Marske
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Hidden from general view is this small sundial on the Leonard Cheshire Home at Marske Hall, Redcar, North Yorkshire.

Sundial on Leonard Cheshire Home, Marske

Sundial on Leonard Cheshire Home, Marske

Marske Hall is a 17th century former mansion house with Grade 1 building status.

Marske Hall was built in 1625 as a residence for William Pennyman Esquire.

In 1755 it was acquired by the Dundas family, becoming the home of the Marquis of Zetland.

Lord Zetland donated it to the Leonard Cheshire Foundation in 1961 following a number of years abandoned.

Charles Dickens visited Marske to see the three unusual stone turrets.

Further information

Images of England – History of the building

Can you help identify the year of a photograph of  the oldest lifeboat in the world, outside Marske Hall.
The Zetland Lifeboat arrived in Redcar on 7th October 1802. The Zetland saved over 500 lives


Thank you to the staff of the Leonard Cheshire home for allowing us to take a picture of the small sundial.