Pavilion on The Mount in Fleetwood, Lancashire.
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The Mount is a small hill, overlooking the promenade in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Pavilion on The Mount in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Pavilion on The Mount in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

With a pavilion at the top it also houses a clock, the bells of which regularly chime out the quarter hours.

During 2007 a firework is thought to have caused a major fire damaging the century old building.

In 1919 Mr Isaac Spencer presented the Clock to the town in memory of the men who died in the First World War

The Mount is the largest of a range of sandhills that once ran along the coastline at Fleetwood.

Originally called Tup Hill or Starr Hill, it was a traditional meeting place before Fleetwood was built.

The original Chinese pavilion on the Mount, also known as Prophet or Temple View, which adorned the summit was designed by Decimus Burton and replaced by the present structure in 1902.

Fleetwood was founded by Sir Peter Hesketh and designed by Decimus Burton, using The Mount as a focal point in his design.

Like the remainder of the Fylde, the land is extremely flat, the highest point being the Mount, the large sand dune in the northern part of the town, from which the original street plan radiated.