All Saints Church, Cockermouth
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Situated at the base of a spire almost 200ft tall are the clock faces of All Saints Church in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

All Saints Church, Cockermouth

All Saints Church, Cockermouth

The clock has recently undergone restoration and repair.

William Wordsworth was baptised in this church.

Some local commentators refer to this church as Cockermouths’ Cathedral.

It is reported that

In the tower is a peal of eight sweet-toned bells, purchased at a cost of £600; and a clock and chimes by J. Blaylock, of Carlisle, which cost £240.

The carillon plays every three hours some favourite and well-known airs.

It is not known if the bells currently chime.

A refurbishment appeal is ongoing for the church and buildings. Further information can be found here.

Thank you

Thanks to John Blaylock for information supplied about the clock.