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The Stopped Clocks Foundation is a public collaborative project which exists to first document all the stopped clocks in the UK, with the aim being to restore those they can to working order.

The overall aim is to try and provide the information and organisational tools for people to have clocks in their neighbourhood fixed, by collaborating in fund raising activities, and in general raising awareness of stopped clocks around the country.

Stopped clock

Stopped clock

Using MoBlogging technology images and details of many stopped clocks around the country are exhibited on the website . These are posted by the users and general public from a mobile phone or via email.

The website is a little hard to navigate and you seem to get a large number of new windows being created however, if you persevere you can find a clock map, a gallery wall and details about events and further details about the project.


Good Directions Ltd of Southampton have recently become a partner with the Stopped Clocks Foundation. They design, manufacture and install exterior clocks and clock towers as well as repair them.

Les Kirk, leading clock restoration expert of Good Directions Ltd, has over 35 years of experience of working with all types of public, tower and turret clocks and has always been passionate about his trade.

His accumulated knowledge of clock making has been used to service, repair and restore many hundreds of public clocks throughout the UK.

“Public clocks are so much more than simply time keeping devices,” says Les Kirk of Good Directions Ltd.

“We are often contacted by people who not only want to see their neighbourhood clock telling the correct time but also renovated as a marker for the regeneration in their community and care for their surroundings and local heritage.

Clocks are also, in their own right, remarkable, interesting and vital pieces of civic architecture, often indicative of historical changes to the layout of towns and cities and have to be worth restoring for future generations to enjoy.”

Get involved

Even if you’re not a member of the site yet you can still post easily via email, just send your pictures in with as much detail as possible to:

You can also send posts in via MMS (texting pictures from your cameraphone) while you’re out and about. Just send in to 07786201241 with the letters stpd at the start of the message.